Expanding or relocating operations into Mexico offers many competitive advantages for companies looking to keep ahead. Jaime Partners’ Shelter + Industrial Services team assists companies to forgo establishing as a foreign subsidiary and sets up a construction procurement program to quickly begin operating in Mexico. Setting up as a shelter company offers unique advantages and opportunities for companies. Capitalizing on the benefits of our shelter services will reduce both time and costs. Shelter companies in Mexico are a great option for companies looking to expand operations into Mexico.

Benefits of Shelter + Industrial Services:

  • Faster Set-Up. If you choose our Shelter + Industrial Services, you can launch production in just 6 months as opposed to setting up a new legal entity, which can take 24 months. We have all administrative and management services already in place.
  • Less Exposure. Operating under a shelter your company is protected since you are not legally exposed to Mexico's authorities. In addition, our shelter and industrial model provides a legal framework that removes much of the risk for foreign manufacturers operating in Mexico. We ensure companies are following all laws regarding labor and employment, trade, tax, environmental impact, social security, immigration and other applicable laws. 
  • Reduce Costs. Mexico’s income and value-added tax authorities give incentives to foreign companies that establish a manufacturing presence in Mexico through a shelter service provider. Those incentives include a release from having a permanent establishment status in Mexico. In addition, companies working under a shelter service provider may benefit from reduced operational costs. By providing the same services to a range of manufacturers, shelter companies create economies of scale that help you lower the cost of certain processes.
  • Higher Employee Retention. Insight into the local labor market gives us an advantage in not only recruiting skilled labor but also reducing turnover. Insight into average wage, types of benefits and expected bonuses in certain regions helps reduce staff renewal rates.
  • Improved Productivity. When you are able to trust your shelter and industrial service partner to recruit a skilled workforce and manage the startup details, you can focus exclusively on the operational aspects of your business.