Offsite construction is not a new concept, but it is one that has seen a resurgence in recent years. From Marriott opening its first modular hotel, to tech giant - Alphabet -investing in modular housing, off-site construction methods are gaining traction.

We have an exclusive partnership with a real estate developer that has established a unique process and product that significantly reduces the cost and time required to create and operate new multi-family housing. Building at lower cost, higher quality and in less time.

Off-Site Construction services include:

  • Initial Assessment
    • Site Modeling Technology Analysis
    • Design, Cost + Schedule Projections
    • Modular Building Design
  • Definitive Programming
    • Modular Blueprint Agreement
    • Project Management, Construction + Manufacturing Design
    • Production Plan, Logistics, Final Delivery + Building Completion
  • Calculated Design
    • Digital Modular Design
    • Design for Manufacturing
    • Compliance + Implementation
  • Optimized Production
    • Factory Production
    • Site Work
  • Accelerated Assembly
    • Transported to Building Site
    • Site Work (Modular Assembly, Mateline Connections, Roof Installation + Elevator Installation
    • Building Systems Commissioning​